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How to Prep for a Test

By: Makayla Campbell

What is a test?

A test, according to Merriam-Webster, is “something (such as a series of questions or exercises) for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes of an individual or group.” In school, these assessments—whether about cellular respiration, Euclidean geometry, or the Italian Renaissance—are a major source of anxiety and stress, so learning how to properly prepare for one is essential.

Ways to Study

There’s a variety of different ways of studying and learning. The three types of learners are: visual, auditoral, and kinesthetic. For visual learners, you should do flash cards and go over your notes; try to associate the content with any relevant diagrams or graphs. For auditory learners, listen to a lecture or Youtube video about what the test will be on, as well as reading your notes out loud. Kinesthetic learners should teach others, do actual practice problems, or pace around while going over your notes.

How Do You Study?

Everybody studies differently, no matter what type of learner you are. Personally, I study by doing flashcards of vocabulary words, reading my notes and summarizing an idea or theory that I have learned. Madelyn, a senior in high school claimed that she “memorizes through quizlets, and songs” to prepare for a test.

Before the Test

The night before and in the morning you should go over any material that you learned which includes reading, notes, vocabulary and anything extra you wrote, in addition to going over things you don’t completely understand or fully remember. Now, before taking the test, just take deep breaths and stay calm.



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