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Maintaining a Summer Routine While Reducing Phone Usage By: Amulya Tirumala

Summer is a time of relaxation, however, it can also be a season where our dependence on technology, specifically phones, can interfere with our ability to fully enjoy the summer. Finding a balance between maintaining a productive routine and minimizing screen time is key to making the most of the summer months. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy routine while reducing phone dependence during the summer.

The first step to maintaining a balance is to set clear goals for the summer. Whether it is pursuing a hobby, spending more time outdoors, or focusing on personal growth, having a specific goal will guide your actions and help you prioritize your time effectively. Also, creating a structured schedule is helpful to establish consistency and avoid the temptation to scroll through your phone. Set specific time slots for work, exercise, free time, activities, and socializing, and be sure to include periods for screen time. Stick to a schedule as much as possible to maintain a sense of routine.

With phones, it is important to set limits on screen time to prevent excessive use. Attempt to use features like screen time limits, app blockers, and Do Not Disturb mode to reduce usage and stay focused. Try setting boundaries for specific apps that tend to be time-consuming or addictive. Additionally try to designate certain areas or times where phones are off-limits, such as during meals, while engaging in hobbies or outdoor activities, or specific rooms of the house. Creating phone-free zones encourages mindfulness and fosters deeper connections with the people and activities around you.

Alternatively, instead of turning to your phone for entertainment or distraction, explore different activities that engage your mind and body. This could include incorporating physical activity into your routine, which is beneficial for your physical health but also helps reduce the temptation to spend excessive time on your phone; spending time outdoors with activities such as gardening or hiking; or practicing mindfulness with activities such as meditation. Many alternatives for entertainment are healthy and don't require phone usage. 

Finding a balance between maintaining a summer routine and reducing phone usage is essential for making the most of the summer. By setting clear goals, creating a structured schedule, and finding entertaining alternatives to electronics, you can enjoy a fulfilling summer while enjoying the present. 


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