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The Choice at Hand By Vishal K

High school can be one of the most stressful times of teenagers' lives - transitioning into adulthood while trying to find your pathway in life. Test after test, sleepless night after sleepless night, the age we live in today forces a detrimental lifestyle upon the early ages of a person's life. At the end of that time, a decision with exponential impacts awaits - where your future lies. For those that choose to pursue an education in college, the choice of where you end up may rest upon your minds endlessly. Compiled in this infographic, you will find information regarding college decisions - how to choose and calm your mind around this topic. 

  1. Finding a choice that fits you. 

  2. Disregarding public opinions. 

  3. Countless opportunities. 

What fits you?

A major factor that goes into choosing colleges is what program is best suited for your major. Certain programs may hold a greater name and legacy that impact the future of your life after college. However, one major factor you need to take into account is what college suits you best. Four years of your life is a long period, and it's important to know your likes/dislikes while choosing. What weather do you like? What activities do you want to do in college? Do you like a social or more introverted lifestyle? Questions like these are vital to ask yourself when choosing your college. While one school may provide a better program, another may provide a better experience that will hold greater value in your life. A very easy way to know if a certain college is a good fit for you is to do campus-tours. These tours provide you insight into class-specifics, housing, and campus life - vital information to know in deciding your place of stay. 

Disregarding public opinions.

No matter how many aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, or parents tell you what’s right for you, the decision ultimately impacts your life. Many voices and opinions may try to sway you one way or another, for their own personal outlook or their own comfortability, but in order to reduce stress, it is vital to listen to your heart. While it is okay to take in and listen to other voices, always remember that your life is your decision. College is ultimately about the experience of it all, and if you prefer to reach out and stay across the country, go do that. Living under the rules and expectations of others causes immense stress and built-up anxiety, things that shouldn’t persist in your adult life from high school. 

Countless opportunities. 

Certain colleges may provide various pros and cons compared to other great options, but it is important to know that many colleges have countless opportunities. If you know what major you want to pursue, and have a certain program set for that, that works for you. But if you're uncertain in your major/what you want to pursue after college, many colleges allow you to apply undecided or switch majors very easily. Don’t let the notion that your future is set in stone intimidate or stress you out. Ultimately, what you do during and after college is very fluid. People try new things, switch majors, drop out, etc. However, the important thing to know is that everything will work out. The idea that college impacts the rest of your life, from teenage years to death is completely ludicrous. In the end, as discussed in this infographic, you need to listen to your heart and explore colleges that provide the best fit for you, not solely by name and social standards - the root of teenage stress. 


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