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Welcome to Stress Free Teens, where we help fight the mental health epidemic by identifying, illuminating, and demystifying these issues in our community. 

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Here at Stress Free Teens, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for all. 
Our mission is to educate communities about the science behind mental health and to provide advocacy so that those affected—anyone and everyone—can lead happier lives.
Our vision is to uncover the causes behind mental health, destigmatize the perceptions toward it, and revolutionize community knowledge addressing it; in doing so, we hope to cultivate a true understanding of mental health.
Our goal is to commit to outreach in communities by educating local students and leaders in various avenues and to cultivate necessary discussions through planned events; it is our hope that these actions will reduce the incidence of mental health as well as the plethora of implications that arise from it. 

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1: Fundraising for COVID-19 relief:

As a community we partnered with WVCS, Sacred Heart, to donate consistently to socioeconomically disadvantaged families and to The Cancer Institute (WIA), St. Jude Hospital to help with COVID relief funds bringing our community together during this unprecedented time.


Summer 2021, in addition to Free Music mentorship, we donated $250 with money raised from the Spring Musical fundraiser.


In summer of 2020, 5 team members launched the 1st annual 2-weeks virtual STEM summer camp. The 4-week Science Olympiad Camp offered 20 lectures to 50 students across the United States. We donated the proceeds to West Valley Community Service (WVCS) to help support the homeless families in Silicon valley.


We hosted our 2nd Summer Science Olympiad Camp with 5 instructors and donated $500 to the Cancer Society to support research for special needs individuals. SFT is proud to use the money they earn for a good cause.


2: Blogs: Released more than 50+ "Paper Plane" Blog posts that focus on various topics, stories related to mental health in youth. So far, we were able to acquire more than 1500 views.


3: Podcasts: Interview acclaimed guest speakers about relevant topics, including mental health stigma, eating disorders, education, social anxiety, and more. We utilize social media marketing to reach listeners and have accumulated many listens.


4: Music Mentor Program: Host free weekly Music Mentor classes led by about 20 + high school students teaching 60+ middle school and elementary students across the United States.


5: Leader Interview Series: Launched  Teen Leader Interview series to demystify the pathway to teen leadership. In this series, we chat with diverse teen leaders globally to learn about their experiences with leadership positions. 


6: Presidential Volunteer Service Awards: Many of our team members were able to earn valuable volunteer experience and in turn earn Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their volunteer efforts. 


We are always looking for various avenues to provide advocacy and empower youth to be the change.

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