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Teen Girls Who Have Impacted Mental Health Awareness

By: Amulya Tirumala

March is Women's History Month which is a time to celebrate the achievements of girls who have transformed mental health awareness. In a world where stigma is associated with conversations about mental well-being, these young women are making significant strides toward creating understanding, empathy, and support for those struggling with mental health challenges.

One woman is Hailey Hardcastle, co-founder of the Youth Era Organization, a platform that aims to empower young people to advocate and gain awareness about mental health. In 2019, at eighteen years old, Hailey accomplished her biggest project, when she and her team created a law in Oregon, which allows students the right to take a mental health day off from school, the same way they would take a sick day. Now, her mission extends past Oregon as she tries to expand this law to other regions, making sure that all schools across the country have the tools and resources needed to support students' mental health needs.

Another teenager who made a difference is thirteen year old Amanda Southworth, the developer of the "AnxietyHelper," an app to provide resources and support for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. Due to her own struggles with anxiety and depression, Southworth used her personal experiences as inspiration to develop an app that provides support for those who are struggling with similar issues. With thousands of downloads and a growing online community, “AnxietyHelper” reflects Southworth's dedication to making life better for people facing mental health struggles.

Lastly, at fifteen years old, Gabby Frost realized the impact of loneliness on mental health and decided to create a solution for it. She became the founder of “the Buddy Project" by creating a platform to connect people looking for friendship or those who feel alone, by giving everyone support and love. Through social media and motivational content, Frost has created a supportive global community where individuals can find comfort and strength in their shared experiences.

These teenage girls show the power of passion and innovation while making positive changes for mental health advocacy. Their dedication to removing the stigma around mental illness gives hope to the future. As we celebrate  Women's History Month, let us honor these teen girls, and many more, as they continue to pave the way towards a more compassionate and understanding society.


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