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“How to Cope With Failure”

By: Makayla Campbell

What is failure?

According to Merriam-Webster, failure is the “omission of occurrence or performance.” To me, failure is the equivalent of not meeting expectations or coming short of achieving a goal, especially if those expectations or goals were something you worked hard for.

How do students see failure?

A student, RM, said that to her failure is, “letting her anxiety take over”. She views failure as a result of losing control, such as letting anxiety affect her significantly. Another student, Kaylyn said that “failure is when your competence is challenged,” meaning that your ability to rise to the occasion is being challenged.

How do deal with failure

Personally, I deal with failure by writing my emotions out in a bullet journal (usually my “brain dump” page) or writing about it in a poem. I also share my feelings about my failure with close friends or parents and reflect on how I can grow and improve from this failure. “I cope with failure by reminding myself that I’m trying my best, and that is more than enough,” said RM when asked how she deals with failure.


People view failure in different ways and cope with it in different ways. Whether it be journaling, or reminding yourself that you are enough, everyone should find a healthy way to deal with failure in their life.



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