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Parental Expectations

By: Aarav Khunger

Parents are constantly thinking about the future of their children and, in the process, they may make certain decisions which seem questionable at first glance.

There are times when parents do not understand their children’s dreams or work to make them someone they are not. And that can be suffocating. Today, we will explore the effects of parental expectations on your mentality.

Support from parents is essential, especially in today's world where children are forced to stay at home in order to safeguard themselves from COVID. However, coexisting in the same environment as people who don’t understand you can also be difficult.

Parents who judge you for not doing well, in whatever it may be, can prove to be very demotivating. From personal experience, I can say that it really affected my self esteem, and I want to ensure that nobody else experiences the same.

While in that situation, you may feel like your worth has been reduced just because you don’t perform exactly how your parents want you to. In terms of academics, if your parents only judge you by one subject, then it’s naturally frustrating. For extended periods of time, this can begin a spiral towards anxiety or depression.

In order to avoid this, you should try to communicate with your parents and let them know what is affecting you. Hopefully, they will sympathize.

If your parents aren’t approachable, reaching out to friends and other loved ones can be equally effective. Sharing your feelings in some outlet is vital in becoming more comfortable and accepting of yourself.


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