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The Power of Saying Yes

By: Ashley Favata

My hope is to encourage my readers that it is normal to get in a slump and feel like everything’s always the same. That’s just the first step in realizing that there is something missing, and there needs to be a change. I am here to encourage you to take the next step and to learn how to say yes to things that might scare you. One of my favorite quotes is, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”; it’s something that I do my best to live by. Obviously there are certain things that I must say no to, but, in general, I strive to try new things and push myself.

Maybe this could be your sign to try one new thing you’ve been meaning to do but never got the courage to actually do it. Whether that be trying out a new hobby, public speaking, or even simply going to the gym, now is the best time to say yes and to make a real change to your daily routine.

One of my biggest fears is regret, so I made it my mission to take steps towards achieving my goals by making small changes in the way I interact with friends and family. By simply taking some extra time out of my day to reach out to friends that I haven’t talked to in a while or helping them in any way, I get such a positive feeling, even when helping in the slightest of ways. Consider the butterfly effect—the principle that a little event can cause huge changes. It is the perfect example of your life because how you live can change drastically just by saying yes to new opportunities. I am currently a Junior at Arizona State University, and we have so many resources to assist students both professionally and personally. I made it my mission to join at least one Zoom meeting each week for personal development. I have been able to grow my network of professionals and learn so much about personal finance by doing so. By saying yes to new opportunities, either at school or in your community, you will be amazed at the positive changes that start to happen in your life.


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