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Your Power to Learn

By: Ashley Favata

How can you improve your power to learn?

I will be entering my senior year of college this year, and I am here to share a few tips that might help you learn in a more efficient way.

One of the most effective ways is to remove ALL distractions. From cleaning off your desk to putting my phone on do not disturb, I make sure I won’t get distracted when I am trying to study. I even take it a step further and put my MacBook on “Do Not Disturb”, so I won't get notifications.

I also find it extremely helpful to study days before an exam in order to cover different sections. This ensures that I won’t need to cram the night before an exam. Some other tips that I’ve found helpful over the years is to make friends in each class, so you have someone else to study with. It is a great way to either learn something new from your classmate or to teach them, both of which can help reinforce your knowledge!

A huge part of learning is making sure that your mind and body are well nourished. There have been studies that show green tea can enhance learning and memory retention. I have also found that the herb rosemary can boost your cognitive performance and help with memory, as well. It is always important to get a full night's sleep before any exam!

The best advice that I can give would be to try new ways of learning and find the best way that works for you. You’ll never know what works best until you give new techniques a try.



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